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Banners Wanted
Banner Maker wanted for a big Harry Potter Community 
26th-Sep-2008 05:30 pm
HP - TimeTurner
Community: wizard_icontest
Short Description: Challenges on the Harry Potter Fandom
Number of Banner Makers Needed: 1
Requirements: The banner maker would have to make banners for the Actors Categories every week, to replace me since I'm now the Main Mod of the Community and there's a lot of work to do compared to most place. We also Nominate the winning icons at hp_awards so the banner maker would have to do this every 3 weeks, rotating with the other banner makers. It's not long, I have templates for this. For more informations and/or to make your application, there's this post made by the previous Mod. You'll also get an userpic to represent "your title as the banner maker" for the actor challenge, called "The Cloak". (it's related to something in the HP Fandom, if you don't know.)
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