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Banners Wanted
Banner Makers Requested 
18th-Jan-2009 01:06 am
⭑ p4 ⭑ SOUJI→ reach out to the truth
Community: anime_icontext
Short Description: Basically, it's a weekly animanga icontest that focuses on text usage. I've set up a system for my icontest that doesn't require a permenant banner maker rotation, but rather allows interested banner makers to offer their services per week. We don't need banner makers, but if any banner maker is looking for a low-pressure comm to make banners for, banner making sign-ups is in each voting post. We have a voting post up right now, so please take a look at the community if this set-up interests you.
Number of Banner Makers Needed: 1 per week
Requirements: Active banner maker willing to do their banners within two weeks or so following the winners post. All skill-levels welcome.
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